Puro Alto Disposable Full Spectrum THC Vape Pen – 400mg


Product Details:

This sleek, disposable THC vape pen are the perfect on the go companion. It is made with Full Spectrum Premium C02 THC oil, which means its rich of Cannabinoids. Perfect for moments when you want to relax without the psychoactive effects of THC.  With 400mg of THC per pen these pens are designed to deliver relief from inflammation, pain, anxiety and insomnia.  It is also helpful for inducing a restful sleep. They help put your mind and body at ease, promoting balance and harmony.

These pens have been reviewed by many as an extremely smooth pulls and high quality oil. Additive free, 70/30 mix of indica to sativa strains which make it nicely balanced.

Another amazing product Moonrock Canada quality approved!

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