Crash Laboratories Shatter


Family owned and operated, Crash Labs makes all their shatter right here at home in our beautiful Okanagan Valley, with a passion for the industry and product, nothing but the most highest of quality and attention goes into making their products.

Each layer within the Crash Laboratories Logo represents one of the seven stages of alchemy.

The hexagon border represents the molecule as a whole.

  1. Calcination: Heating the substance to its melting point.
  2. Dissolution: Dissolving solid matter into liquid form.
  3. Separation: Isolating the components of the dissolution.
  4. Conjunction: Transforming the separation into a completely new compound.
  5. Fermentation: Controlled chemical decomposition.
  6. Distillation: Purification via boiling points.
  7. Coagulation. Nucleation from solid form to liquid form.

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